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If you're an ASP.NET programmer, chances are you’ve dabbled in MVC. MVC is the latest newcomer to the ASP.NET world and the demo’s you see looks simple, but there are some hidden gotchas' that you’ll only learn from hours of blood, sweat and tears that have been soaked into the keyboard. In this session you will learn what these hidden pitfalls are and how to avoid them. The focus will be on real-world MVC which will include how to best use forms authentication, securing your controllers and actions, error handling the MVC way, filter ordering, Inversion of Control (IoC) best practices as well as how to best use routes and controllers. Don't think this session will be a walk in the park. These are real world problems and how to solve them.









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The Discussion

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    Tom William

    Great session and content. The only gripe I have was the room was too small. Bigger developer rooms please!

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    This was a great session to attend as it had real world example he was faced with. If anyone wants to learn about MVC, this is a good video to get you moving fast.

    Agree with Tom as the room was too small for this session.

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    Malcolm Sheridan

    The code and slides can be downloaded from here guys:

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    This session is full of win.
    Thanks for sharing, Malcolm.

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