There is no Web: HTML5 Offline, NoSQL and MVC 3

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HTML 5, NoSQL and ASP.NET MVC 3 are popular technologies within the IT industry today. This session will bond all these glorious buzzwords together in a stew of awesomeness to bring you an application that defines one single domain model in code, have that persisted to a NoSQL store and also have that very same model handled in an offline and online manner by your web application.  This session goes beyond code first, to one time code only modelling, and hooks into the HTML 5 capabilities such as offline operation, caching and local storage to allow your web app to provide seamless online and offline capabilities. I’ll also be employing the capabilities of RavenDB to guest star in the role of NoSQL. If you want to see something a little different, then come along to this session. You’ll need some Javascript knowledge, a dash of MVC and an open mind.









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