Cybercrime: The Art of Identity Theft!

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We live in an ever changing world where information is readily available. Social Engineering, otherwise known as Identity fraud, has now become one of the world's most popular means of obtaining information in order to carry out criminal activities. With small pieces of information thieves can do a lot of damage. On a worldwide scale it's the fastest growing crime. Identity theft - the art of stealing another person's identity for personal, financial or criminal intent. It's not just about credit card theft, that's small time. We're talking about Identity Theft on an industrial scale. Damaging the reputation of companies, influencing the stock market and perhaps worse! Information is big business and it is worth more than you think. In this fast paced session you will see the tools and websites that hackers and ID thieves use when selecting targets. As an IT Professional or business owner you have to be prepared to defend against such attacks.







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