Conquering XML with Visual Basic 9.0

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XML is used in most modern applications; business documents, configuration files, object serialization, SOAP, RSS and Office Open XML are just a few examples. Even your Visual Studio project files and configuration settings are XML files. However, XML processing currently requires you to learn a new set of concepts and its text-based format is not easy to deal with programmatically... until now! In Visual Basic 9.0, XML becomes a built-in data type with a rich editing experience that completely eliminates the conceptual barrier between the code that you write and the XML you're trying to manipulate. In this session you will learn how to easily create, query and transform XML with Visual Basic's powerful yet easy to use syntax. We will discuss features like XML IntelliSense, XML literals, embedded expressions and using language constructs instead of a DOM to navigate the XML hierarchy. In addition, we'll explore tips, tricks and "gotchas". Say goodbye to XSLT and hello to Visual Basic 9!







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