Welcome to the Software Universe: A Roadmap to Solution Architecture

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Sure, you want to base your next project on a sound architecture. But how to draw it up? How do you start with just a clean flipchart sheet in front of you? Does UML help you a lot? Well, many developers feel more confused than helped by UML; the same is true for the notion of a "layered architecture". What´s lacking is an overall big picture of software. Also there is no clear roadmap from empty flipchart to Visual Studio projects. The Software Universe is trying to fill this gap. It's integrating concepts like classes, WSDL, UML, services, assemblies, interfaces, or AppDomains into a single big picture. It's making sense of 60 years of software development, explaining why many distributed software projects are running scalability problems, showing a clear path for how to learn programming in the first place, and finally clearly defining what a solution architect is responsible for. But the Software Universe is not just a conceptual framework! It also provides hard-and-fast guidelines on how to procede from an overall picture of a software to a specific folder layout on your harddisk to store all the implementation's artifacts. Solution architectures based on the Software Universe's view of software development are by their very nature easy to evolve, easy to test, and can be efficiently implemented.







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