Technical Patterns for Always-Responsive and Scalable Applications and Services: Architectural Decisions for Solutions Gained from Projects of the Public-Safety Area

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Being always-responsive, failure-tolerant and scalable is a core requirement for any solution in public safety environments such as ship-vessel-traffic or airport-control. In this session you will learn, how the combination of a set of well-known patterns, approaches and technologies can help you building such solutions. We will discuss these patterns and approaches as well as how technologies such as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR) or .NET 4.0 parallel extensions definitely help you applying them in clients (WPF) and services (WCF). Core to this session is that you will understand the reasons and motivation for any architectural decision discussed based on a real project with Frequentis AG to enable you reusing the experience we gained there.







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