Code Walkthrough of a Cloud Application Running on the Windows Azure Platform

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This is a demo-only presentation showing all the code for a complete cloud application running on the Windows Azure Platform and using Microsoft .NET services. The application was a submission for the newCloudApp contest and is called SHPH (Send Holiday Pictures Home). Using this application allows you to send pictures taken during holidays from a PC in your hotel to PCs at home via the cloud. The idea is to share your holiday experience directly with family and friends. People at home subscribe to the tag you use when uploading pictures across the globe. Once uploaded, the cloud pushes the picture immediately to the subscriber's home pc. The demo shows code for uploading images to an Azure webrole from a Silverlight client in a browser; how the webrole stores the image as a blob and uses tables to store additional data in Azure storage; how a workerrole gets notified to distribute the picture again by a queue; and how .NET services is used to publish the picture to clients subscribing to the tags by using the netEventRelayBinding.



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