Adding Life and Intelligence to Windows Mobile 6.5 Applications

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New devices and new platforms are bringing new features and setting new standards for interaction between user and device. Keypads, stylus, and keyboards are still present as input devices but there are also new input methods, such as accelerometers, touch screen gestures, stylus sensors, light sensors etc. Besides being just "nice to have" features for end users, these new features are also easily managed and used by developers in custom applications. This session explores various input methods available on some of the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 devices and how to programmatically leverage them using managed APIs from Microsoft .NET Compact Framework-based applications. Topics covered include working with the Windows Mobile Unified Sensor API to access hardware sensors, controlling device cameras using the Windows Mobile SDK, capturing stylus and finger gestures on touch screens, detecting ambient light, making your device vibrate and sound-off, and more.







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