Cybercrime: Defence against the Dark Arts! (Repeats Thursday 9am)

Play Cybercrime: Defence against the Dark Arts! (Repeats Thursday 9am)
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You don't have to be the most powerful wizard to know that we live in an ever-changing world. New technologies demand new skills. Strong evidence has shown that in the current economic downturn Cybercrime has increased noticeably and that the bad guys may be closer than you think! This gritty 75min session provides you with the knowledge on mounting a proactive business defence. What is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS)? And more importantly what can it do for you? We take a look inside the murky world of computer forensics. If a business has been compromised it can be difficult to determine what happened. Attacks can come in the form of malicious employees, industrial espionage, virus attack, and of course natural disasters. Remember that the bad guys are also aware of these "good" tools. It's critical to understand how Anti-forensic tools hide tracks. Finding out what damage has been done can mean all the difference between a successful defence and a business losing everything. This unique thought-provoking session is exclusively designed for both IT and Security professionals who have a passion to proactively protect their business interests and assets.







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