SharePoint Online: Developer Extensibility and Customization

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Black box? No more! SharePoint Online in Wave 14 will be extensible. In this session we will address all levels of what customers will be able to do, and be clear on what scenarios will not yet be supported, with lots of solid demos, and lots of solid information. SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online (W14) provide the ability to run applications based on a number of factors, such as cost and availability. We will review what can be achieved in-browser (web part configuration, master pages, use of Web service) … then dive into what is possible using SharePoint Designer 2010 (no-code workflows, theming/branding, composite apps) … and then move into cracking open Visual Studio 2010 to build Sandboxed Solutions and Silverlight apps aimed at SharePoint Online deployment. Come and arm yourself with tools to dispel the 'black box' myth. SharePoint Online development - onward and upward!







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