Migrate XP to Windows 7 Without Loosing any User or Application Settings

Play Migrate XP to Windows 7 Without Loosing any User or Application Settings
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Need to migrate 5 or 50,000 Windows XP machines to Windows 7 while maintaining your users documents, settings and application setting? Microsoft’s Deployment Toolkit (MDT 2010) is the tool for you. This session provides you not only with the understanding of how to migrate your XP machines to Windows 7, but also with step-by-step instructions to take home with you, for creating a repeatable and automated migration. You’ll be ready, the day you get back to work, to implement these tried and true steps. Let Deployment MVP Rhonda Layfield show you some tips and tricks, that took her months to master, so you can avoid the same mistakes and ensure your migration of Windows XP goes smoothly and efficiently, and makes you the star in your IT department.







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