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TechEd can be a long week of technical, sometimes very dry, sessions. This year we're looking to do the first-ever 400-level game show session with deployment experts from Microsoft and leading deployment partners. All questions will be submitted without the knowledge of the contestants in the low-to-high 400-level range, and put to our panel of deployment experts. We aim to make it entertaining and funny, and prove once and for all who knows the most about real deployment issues. Questions that cannot be answered by our expert panel will be opened up to the audience, for prizes. Or you can choose to play along and keep score while getting technical deployment tips. "Video- ", “Troubleshooting- “, “Debugging- “ and "Screenshot Daily Doubles" demos will even make it more interesting. If you want to take a break from textbook technical content, and experience fun technical content, come and be a member of our live studio audience. If you have questions you’d like to submit, email them to prior to TechEd and we’ll try to include them in the live event.







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