How To Make your Silverlight 4 Application World Ready

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You’ve written your Silverlight application and you want it to work in another language? This session is for you! World-Readiness is all the work that a developer needs to do to globalize an application and make it localizable (i.e. capable of being localized). Whereas these concepts are well established in Windows Forms and ASP.NET, Silverlight is not only a cut-down version of the .NET Framework, but also cross platform and client-side. In this session you will learn: how to localize Silverlight applications using .resx files; to download culture-specific resources on demand, so that users only download resources for the culture they need; what System.Globalization types and properties Silverlight does not support and why; what globalization and font support you can expect on Windows and the Mac; what the Silverlight installation user experience is for non-English users; and what language support you can expect from the Silverlight framework.







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