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Orchard is a free, community-focused, open source project built on .NET, designed to meet the needs of developers, designers and end-users alike. Much more than a simple site-building application, Orchard is a deeply customizable CMS platform, built from the ground-up to be extended with additional modules and themes. In this session we’ll take a deep-dive “under-the-hood” of Orchard, exploring how developers and designers can enrich its functionality and UI. We’ll explore the flexible content type, part and field system in Orchard to define a custom module extension, and then package this extension so it is easily shared with, and installed by, other Orchard users, including publishing to our online gallery feed. We’ll also look at the command-line scaffolding features in Orchard that enhance developer productivity and encourage best practice patterns, and examine the differences between development in Visual Studio, WebMatrix or your text-editor-of-choice. We’ll finish by delving into the Orchard theme and template system in detail, demonstrating how you can create a highly customized look-and-feel for your site, as well as create site-agnostic themes that can be applied to any Orchard installation.







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