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Mark Russinovich goes under the hood of Microsoft’s cloud OS, Windows Azure. Intended for developers that have already gotten their hands dirty with Windows Azure and understand its basic concepts, this session gives an inside look at the architectural design of Windows Azure’s compute platform. You’ll learn about Microsoft’s data center architecture, what goes on behind the scenes when you deploy and update a Windows Azure app and how it monitors and responds to the health of machines, its own components and the apps it hosts. He’ll also highlight recent enhancements and how the platform implements some of the latest features.









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    Seems to me, the leap year bug was a perfect example of why the Y2K bug really was an issue.  Yes the media did blew it up too much but if systems hadn't been fixed before 2000 then I'm sure a lot of systems would of ended up like Azure did on it's fateful day.  Yet the general public laugh at Y2K saying nothing happened, completely missing the point that systems were fixed before hand.

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