Introducing the New Visual Studio 2012 Unit Testing Experience

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In Visual Studio 2012, we have done a lot of work to improve the developer unit testing experience, particularly for agile teams. We have even made the entire unit testing framework extensible, which will allow you to use testing frameworks such as and NUnit in addition to the unit testing framework built into Visual Studio. In this talk, we present the history of unit testing in Visual Studio, highlighting why we made this change, and then take you through the product, showing off the features we feel are sure to delight developers.









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The Discussion

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    Video stops after a few mins. Downloaded version is the same 

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    Prasanth Balakrishnan

    Video works just fine. Very good video for knowing whats new with unit testing in VS 2012. However, its a great disappointment that VS 2012 doesn't have the right click option of Create Unit Test on any method or class :(

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    No, it's not working fine, I hear constant strange noices. Even with IE10. MS please review your video player! Thanks.

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    @Alejandro:It will help the C9 if you can let them know which of the three players you are using that you are having the problem in. There's the HTML5 video player, the smooth streaming Silverlight player and then the downloaded video files (in their many formats). All are encoded differently (yes, there are that many different physical versions of the one video) and there's always a chance that one of the encoding went wrong...

    Use the Format button under the video to select your video format or the download buttons next to the video...

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    When I follow the example xunit does not show any tests in the test explorer. Why not?

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    Robbie, do you have runner for Visual Studio 2012 extension installed?

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