Software Testing with Microsoft Test Manager 2012 and Lab Management

Play Software Testing with Microsoft Test Manager 2012 and Lab Management
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In this session we cover the improvements to Microsoft Test Manager and Lab Management which will make it easier to conduct manual and automated testing across a variety of environments. We cover the new exploratory testing approach offered by Microsoft Test Manager; the simplified setup and administration of Lab Management environments; and some of the other fit-and-finish features across the testing offering.









The Discussion

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    Istvan Nagy

    I have been working for a while in Agile projects, where the tooling used for requirement management, change management, development was inhomogeneous. This is probably the reason why the following question came into my mind: is there any opportunity to assign graphically a service level (not only (Coded) UI based) test to a requirement?

    I could imagine an integrated requirement management system, where
    - I can define the requirements/features - maybe in an agile way (As a... I want to... So that...)
    - I can specify the use cases, let say also in an Agile format (Given... When... Then...)
    - I can build up the acceptance tests for these use cases
    - I can run the above mentioned tests

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