What’s New in Visual Studio LightSwitch

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Visual Studio LightSwitch is the simplest way to create business applications for the desktop and cloud. In Visual Studio 2012 we’ve opened up the LightSwitch application architecture by embracing the OData protocol, making LightSwitch also the simplest way to create a Data Service. LightSwitch continues to simplify the development process by letting you concentrate on the business logic, while LightSwitch handles the common tasks for you. In this demo-heavy session, see end-to-end how to build and deploy a data-centric business application using LightSwitch and how to leverage Data Services created with LightSwitch to make data and business logic available through other applications. In this session you’ll gain an understanding of the LightSwitch application architecture and learn advanced techniques for customizing a LightSwitch application.
For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:









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For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

The Discussion

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    Frank Geisler

    Hi Jay!

    I liked your session very much. Visual Studio Lightswitch is an awsome tool :).

    Have a nice day


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    Nasser Wahby

    Hello Jay,

    Great session ,but i hope somday , that you show us a session about Print or Report in Lightswitch using silver light or sql report service, of even word , pdf


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