IntelliTrace, What Is It and How Can I Use It To My Benefits?

Play IntelliTrace, What Is It and How Can I Use It To My Benefits?
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IntelliTrace is a Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate feature that helps debug applications using a historical application log. If you want to know how it works and how to use it, then this is the session for you. Based on a set of demos, this session will show you how you can use IntelliTrace for your normal debug session today, but also as postmortem debugger when something went wrong with your application in a test environment. You can leverage it even in your unit test environment to fix the problem without rerunning the test. Come and see why this is feature can be a game changer for you today and even more so in the future when Microsoft enables production environment usage!









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    We have had a Project Kit here at Sogeti for a couple of years that does Intellitrace for production. I am glad to see this functionality will now be out of the box in the new version of Visual Studio Smiley

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