Curing Your Event Processing Blues with Reactive Extensions (Rx)

Play Curing Your Event Processing Blues with Reactive Extensions (Rx)
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In today’s world of connected cloud-centric applications with rich user experiences, the need for asynchronous and event programming is bigger than ever. With the C# and Visual Basic language features added to .NET 4.5, an imperative approach to sequential composition and orchestration of asynchronous operations has been introduced. Come and learn how the Reactive Extensions (Rx) complement this feature set, adding the notion of multi-value asynchronous observable sequences with full-fledged LINQ support. In this demo-intensive session, we will sketch out the asynchronous and event programming landscape, and dive into the unique role played by Rx. After explaining the design philosophy of Rx and its layered architecture, we will cover the rich set of query operators that enable complex event processing. Next, the synergy between Rx and the TPL functionality is discussed, also touching upon leveraging Rx from Metro-style applications. Democratizing event processing starts today!









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The Discussion

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    Reasonable presentaion 3/5
    Got some good tips.

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    Martin Rosselle

    Very nice demo of Rx with a not so obvious/cliche demo, the kinect demo idea was really cool ;-)

    Cheers, Martin

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    Amazingly cool demo, especially the Kinect part.

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    Bart is SO NICE lol

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    Great presentation, Bart.  The use case for Kinect is great, and I have some ideas I can't stop thinking about ... but this forum isn't a great place for it.  Is the cloud programmability team still hiring?

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    Kevin Haynie

    Great presentation, Bart. FYI, for those who are just using VS2010 with framework 4.0 and want to get the Dictionary example going, you can still do this but you have to use the FromAsyncPattern() method. Also be sure when you create your service reference to the dictService that you mark it as async in the advanced properties.

    The main change will be the following line:

    var dictWords = Observable.FromAsyncPattern<string, string, string, DictionaryWebService.DictionaryWord[]>(svc.BeginMatchInDict, svc.EndMatchInDict);

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