TechEd Europe Keynote with Antoine Leblond

Play TechEd Europe Keynote with Antoine Leblond

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    Chiyeon Yu

    I hope to see the keynote

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    Can we have the slides online please ? Thx. LB

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    Watch Microsoft's Joe Stegman struggle to disconnect the keyboard from an Asus 600 prototype Windows RT device during the keynote. Pretty funny, especially since he announces the ability to disconnect the keyboard as one of the great features he loves about the device Smiley

    But I think there's also a nice design lesson here. Joe puts the blame on his sweaty fingers, which is a very natural reaction. Instead we should blame the design of this device, which apparently wasn't designed to be handled in normal day situations. Sweaty fingers are pretty normal, aren't they? Smiley

    Forward the video to 01:04:40 to watch Joe's struggle...


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    Nice features in Windows 8:

    • browse through a vhd file system without having the VM running.
    • Select a vhd, restart and run the VM in native (bare metal) mode

    Pretty cool Smiley





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