Managing the SharePoint Disruption with End-to-End SharePoint Governance

Play Managing the SharePoint Disruption with End-to-End SharePoint Governance
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In many organizations, SharePoint is a disruptive technology: It’s no longer business-as-usual for users, for developers, for IT, or for the enterprise. SharePoint shines a spotlight on everything that’s good and bad about your business processes, project management, change management, information management policies, and IT service delivery. Governance—from the business strategic to the technical level and everywhere in between—is critical. Microsoft SharePoint MVP Dan Holme shares the experience and lessons learned from thousands of IT professionals, managers, developers, end users, and CIOs around the globe. This comprehensive discussion highlights the business, cultural, and technical impact of SharePoint on an organization, and the steps you can take to plan for and implement SharePoint as a platform that will scale to support your dynamic requirements. You will take away a framework within which to understand and communicate the role of SharePoint in your organization, a proven process with which to translate requirements to architecture, a punch list of issues to consider in your architecture and governance design, and an understanding of the technical, cultural, and procedural components of a successful SharePoint implementation.









The Discussion

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    Finally a step by step guide to organising governance.

    I will be looking to combine this info with the AIIM guidance we have invested in.


    Wim De Groote,




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