Best Practices for Building Your Website for Scale with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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The Discussion

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    Great session,

    two comments:

    1. I believe the <BlobCache [...] max-age="84600"> attribute is set in seconds rather than in milliseconds.
    2. A good reason for doing content deployment may be that with In Place Editing Editors will not see ( output) cached versions of pages, ie. they will experience slow performance.


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    Hello Spencer,

    can you share your e-mail address? I would indeed like to received the information about compression prior to storage in output cache? Thank you Smiley

    Wim De Groote

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    The following command configures the metabase to compress dynamic content before insertion into the output cache:

    APPCMD.EXE set config –section:urlCompression /dynamicCompressionBeforeCache:true

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