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    Wow, I was not expecting to killer move from Microsoft. It seems VMWare will have hard time coming years. Biggest issue was on Hyper-V server that memory consumption of hyper-v server. You had to setup Windows for Hyper-V. I hope this time Microsoft address the issue and the server will consume same amount or less memory when I compare with VMWare ESXI. Also I am hoping that Microsoft will develop some product that can compete with VMWare Workstation. 



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    sorry; I haven't even wathced this yet but know VMWare are up against it! Coming from the education sector it's a no-brainer: Hyper-V is essentially "free", VMWare costs money we don't have. However, yes, I do wish there was a workstation version, still using VMWare.

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    Javier Franco

    I'm agree with you on memory consuption vs Esxi but Hyper-V will be available on Windows8 Pro so here is the alternative to VMWare Workstation

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