How Many Coffees Can You Drink While Windows 7 Boots?

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Learn how Microsoft IT and other enterprises have found and fixed top causes of slow boots and logons. We can measure boot in terms of coffee cups (or you can measure user productivity losses in millions of dollars)! M.C. Stephen Rose and Microsoft IT PM Vadim Arakelov will share insider tips and how Microsoft IT has addressed technology and process problems that slowed user logon and productivity. Premier Field Engineers Pieter Wigleven and Matthew Reynolds will show you how to see inside a slow boot using in-depth tools from the Windows ADK. Top fixes and good/bad/ugly enterprise experiences will be revealed. For those of you rolling out Windows 7 deployments, or looking to optimize user productivity and experience this is a must attend session.







The Discussion

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    Volkan Hafizoglu

    Video of this session does NOT exist? WHY? Please Upload so that we can utilize as far as possible.


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    Klaus Runggaldier

    Hi Volkan,

    You can see the video which was posted for TechEd North America. As far as I can remember it is almost the same.


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    Hmm......most of the 'Windows Client' video's are not there :( why is that?

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    I think this session will be available online, probably a matter of time.

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    still no video??


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    Most windows client aren't available but it exactly the same as the one done at Orlando.

    Different speakers and session number of course .

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