Windows Phone: Device and App Management

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The Discussion

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    A few clarifications/corrections:

    1. Do we not support pure Native apps that do their own UI? 
      At 15:40 I said that to create a UI in a native app, you must use XAML via a Hybrid model. Additionally you can have a pure native application that has its own UI layer without interacting with XAML, but use existing 3rd DirectX UI libraries.
    2. Do we only support C# for XAML? 
      We support any .NET language - out of the box we have templates and generic project support for VB as well as C#, but it's relatively easy to get languages like F# up and running.
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    Few queries:

    1. Where can I find the MDM related APIs?

    2. Is it possible to bundle the provisioning XML as part of XAP file and configure the device during app installation?

    3. Where can I find the MDM sample code?

    4. How to do provisioning? DO I need to write any app on Phone 8?

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