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Now that we have closed the gap with device encryption, the next mile to cover will be device management. With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft is making some big steps forward with MDM; this session will cover mobile device configuration management, private app deployment, and app management. Come to this session to get the lowdown on this topic so you can be ready for Windows Phone 8 in your organization. This session will help you frame the discussion in a world of BYOD so business users can get what they need and be welcomed with their new Windows Phone devices.









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The Discussion

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    A few clarifications/corrections:

    1. Do we not support pure Native apps that do their own UI? 
      At 15:40 I said that to create a UI in a native app, you must use XAML via a Hybrid model. Additionally you can have a pure native application that has its own UI layer without interacting with XAML, but use existing 3rd DirectX UI libraries.
    2. Do we only support C# for XAML? 
      We support any .NET language - out of the box we have templates and generic project support for VB as well as C#, but it's relatively easy to get languages like F# up and running.
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    Few queries:

    1. Where can I find the MDM related APIs?

    2. Is it possible to bundle the provisioning XML as part of XAP file and configure the device during app installation?

    3. Where can I find the MDM sample code?

    4. How to do provisioning? DO I need to write any app on Phone 8?

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