Windows Server 2012 Hot New Features - A techie’s deep-dive into DirectAccess, Compound Identity and Dynamic Access (300-level session)

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AS a federation and security architect John Craddock has been involved in enterprise systems since the early days of Windows NT. His passion is for determining how things really work and then designing and deploying the most efficacious systems. John presented on Active Directory at one of the first Windows 2000 launch conferences in Geneva; of course this was only after delving deep into its inner workings. Now it’s time for Windows 2012 Server features to be scrutinised. In this session John will share his technical insight into a selection of hot new Windows Server 2012 features. These are DirectAcces improvements, Kerberos enhancements, compound identity, and file and folder authorization and auditing with Dynamic Access. Windows Server 2012 provides solutions for issues that have challenged his clients, these are definitely hot topics. John will share his perception on the new operating system and GUI and how he came to really appreciate its benefits. This session is not for you if you are looking for a general overview of all the new features of Windows Server 2012. It’s a 300-level session so it will provide fast track technical coverage of the selected features. #TEWSV326
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