Adventures in Underland: What Passwords Do When No One Is Watching

Play Adventures in Underland: What Passwords Do When No One Is Watching
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Wherever and whenever you enter your password in the password field, there is at least one mechanism that must know it to use it later for the designed purpose. The common knowledge is that when we set up our password in Windows it is hashed and stored either in SAM or ntds.dit database in Active Directory. This is useful for verification purposes, but if your operating system can re-use the password it means others can decrypt it! In this intensive session, learn the encryption and decryption techniques being used nowadays in systems, networks, and applications. We look at the various technology weaknesses and try to take passwords from the places where they are used by the operating system to perform several operations. Become familiar with some unexpected places for your passwords and learn what you can do to mitigate the risk before somebody else grabs them! Session covers passwords’ internals. Have a cup of coffee before attending!



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