Positioning Microsoft Development Technologies for Custom Application Development

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The approach for every type of application (“A single architecture/approach to rule them all”) won’t work. The Microsoft development stack and .NET are extremely flexible and offer many possibilities, but you have to select specific approaches and technologies depending on what kind of application or even subsystem you are going to build. Each application will have very different priorities and tradeoffs must be taken very differently depending on that. This session is a global vision about our suggested approaches for different application and subsystem types and then, what Microsoft development technologies fit better for each approach. Related technologies to cover for Mission Critical and Core-Business applications (Domain-Driven): .NET decoupled architecture and technologies, DI/IoC, DDD patterns, EF Code-First Models, etc. Related technologies to cover for CRUD and Data-Driven applications/subsystems: Microsoft RAD technologies and products, like Visual Studio LightSwitch, and other data-centric approaches.



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