Design Guidance for Windows Store Line-of-Business Apps

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Having a good understanding of the Microsoft design language is very important. However, if you are building line-of-business apps, you may find yourself in scenarios where you are not sure how to proceed. Suppose you have a page that displays data and there are a dozen actions the user can take. In the past you would use menus or a toolbar. What do you do in Windows 8? Do you put a dozen buttons in the app bar? What happens when the user switches to portrait or snapped mode and they won’t all fit? Suppose you want to display products to the user. You can use a GridView and templates and have each customer displayed in a rectangle. What happens when there are 100 or more products and only 8 appear at a time on a user’s device? Suppose your users are adamant in wanting their data to appear in a grid with 20 columns. In the past, you would use a DataGrid. What do you do in Windows 8? This session covers scenarios like these and explores how you can build line-of-business apps that adhere to the Microsoft design language and provide a great experience for users.





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