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    What happens when innovations comes too fast? Who can follow the Microsoft strategy in releasing new products

    System Center 2012 -> 2012 SP1 -> R2 nearly within a year!


    What are the consequences for customers?

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    Thomas, you're right: it's going extremely fast! But it doesn't really matter if you don't need the new features or improvements. Suppose we hadn't seen an SP1 or R2 yet (actually, R2 hasn't been RTM'd yet, so this still doesn't really count right now Smiley), well, then we all would still use the 2012 RTM right now. So tell me, why can't you use that RTM even if SP1 and R2 are released/in sight? With other words, iy you deploy the 2012 RTM, you are not enforced to release SP1 or R2. And if you do want so (for whatever reason), well, then you can. It's up to you. Personally I like the rapid cadence, because it provides us faster with new stuff, but at the end everyone should determine when he/she should jump on a certain version or not. Should MS wait for bug fix packs or new feature sets? I don't think so. Of course if you would like to be on pace with the latest and you would like to be an expert in every new thing, okay, then you will have a lot of work Smiley But that's your choice...

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