Upgrading the Platform - How to Get There! Part 3: Your Fileservers and Storage Options

Play Upgrading the Platform - How to Get There! Part 3: Your Fileservers and Storage Options
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Now that you have had time to see what is new in Windows Server 2012 and how you can use it, you need the missing piece—how to get there! This three-part series discusses not only what can be done to re-architect what you have now, but also shows you how to do it. Now that you have authentication and networking resolved, it’s time to examine your options for the unsung heroes of your datacenter—your file servers. A simple UNC share has come a long way to what is possible now with SMB 3, High Availability and Scale Out File Servers, Cluster in a Box hardware solutions and Storage Spaces. The trick is understanding what your options are and how to get your data over to these new systems. We examine what is new in the world of file servers, replication and management of systems, as well as expanding your storage options by implementing Storage Spaces for cost effective storage. This demo-heavy session shows you what is possible in this new world of storage and file servers as well as provides details on how to implement and migrate to these solutions.



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