Cloud-Powered Load Testing with Team Foundation Service

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Do you find it painful to set up infrastructure to run performance and load tests? Do you think load testing is an expensive affair? Do you have a need for testing your service with a large burst load just before your big launch? Introducing the Visual Studio load testing service that leverages the cloud to provision just the right load to test your app/service on-demand. In this session, see how you can use this service with just a Team Foundation Service account - that’s it and no other prerequisites. This elastic and dynamic load testing service makes it easy for you to run load tests, so you can spend time finding and fixing performance bottlenecks rather than setting up infrastructure.



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    Look forward to seeing what 2012 offers in this space. I think performance and load tests are under-used in corporates purely because they are a separate function to dev, where these could be incorporated closer to the dev space and part of the build/unit test CI.

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