Microsoft Server 2012 Desktop Virtualization (VDI) on Dell Active Infrastructure

Play Microsoft Server 2012 Desktop Virtualization (VDI) on Dell Active Infrastructure
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Learn about the design and architecture decisions of a multi-thousand user Microsoft Server 2012 VDI/RDSH deployment. From Server, Storage, Networking down to the Client, this session provides an overview of the overall solution architecture based on Dell Active Infrastructure. Dell Active Infrastructure delivers modular and automated converged infrastructure solutions combining Servers, Storage, Networking and Infrastructure Management into an integrated and optimized system for Microsoft Server 2012 Desktop Virtualization workloads. Also learn about the design decisions around CPU, Memory and Storage that led to the Reference Architecture. Highlights of this session include: Deployment choices from Proof of Concept to large scale production: Dell’s 10 Seat Proof of Concept Solution to a “Datacenter in a Box” with Dell VRTX; Architectural choices and decision points for a scalable, multi-thousand user Microsoft Desktop Virtualization deployment: “Why does the Reference Architecture look like this?”; Storage sizing and guidance for various Desktop Virtualization workloads and user types: ”Let’s talk about IOPS”; Impact of Virtualized Graphics with Hyper-V on the performance and sizing of Microsoft Server 2012 Desktop Virtualization: “Do GPU’s matter?”; and Live demonstration of the management console and the Windows 8 VDI Remote FX experience “How do I manage this and what is the user experience like?”



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