Information Protection in 2013: Hybrid RMS, Generic Protection, and iOS/Android/WinRT Support

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Microsoft offers Active Directory Rights Management Service (ADRMS) in Windows Server today. Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management is a new service from Microsoft that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and Office 365. These two services combine to support layered information protection offers such as: Office, Exchange DLP, File Classification, SharePoint Secure Libraries, and more. These offers support seven platforms with mobile applications, offer generic protection of all file types, business-to-business secure collaboration, and the ability to quickly deploy information protection services on-premises by leveraging cloud infrastructure. This hybrid offer enables HSM-based key storage, secure B2B collaboration, and enables your organization to maintain their documents on-premise if so desired! This first of two talks covers Microsoft's overall information protection offer as well as recent advances. Part 2 (Information Protection in 2013: Customer Readiness and Implementation Considerations) delves deeper into preparing for these offers as well as implementation considerations. Part 1 is a prerequisite for part 2.



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