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More and more customers see the benefits of server-hosted virtual desktops (VDI). There are several important players in this market space, and from a marketing perspective these solutions have a lot in common. This presentation is based on industry analysis and customer cases and covers the basics of desktop virtualization, the good/bad/ugly, impact on storage, the technical differences between the vendors, and tips on how to choose the right solution. Join Ruben Spruijt (MVP, CTP and vExpert - CTO @ PQR) as he provides opinions and great discussion on such topics. Specific areas covered also include: The Flexible work style and the role of Remote Desktop Services Virtualization Host; VDI: the good, bad and ugly; the performance impact on storage and how different storage technologies solve the ‘VDI + storage = deep impact' challenge; analysis and evaluation of Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft RDVH with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 and VMware View; and the advantages/disadvantages of the different VDI solutions, updated February 2013. Get up to speed with RDVH - Windows 8 and Server 2012. This is the session you should attend!



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