Pieces of 8: Prospecting for Windows 8 Gold

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The Discussion

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    Minasi's sessions are brilliantly conceived and presented, and invariably packed, even when he's given the least desirable time slots (like the very last session of the entire conference!).  This will definitely be rewarding, and worth following along on your new Surface.

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    Cannot wait to see this session.

    Mark ROCKS!.!.!

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    I tried the Evaluation but got error Message after pressing Submit....

    So maybe this Works:

    Keep up the good work, you are better for every year that I have listen to you at TechED.

    And you are even mor inspiring than Mark R. that is one of the best speakers that work for MS.

    Look forward to NeXT oportunety to listen to Your to the point tips and tricks!


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    Most funny session of TechEd 2013, and still informative. Even if the topic was not my favourite one, I went to the next session only because of Mark as a speaker!

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