TWC | Top 10 Mistakes in Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure Deployments

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How well designed and implemented is your Public Key Infrastructure? Enterprises around the world use Microsoft Windows based Public Key Infrastructure for digital certificates. However, most environments make the same mistakes. Learn what the most common mistakes are and how you can mitigate them. This session is based on new/exclusive content created for this conference. Borrowing from over 10 years of designing, assessing, and remediating Public Key Infrastructures around the world, a common theme emerges. As the creator of the Microsoft PKI Health Check, it was the presenters job to access and analyze PKI environments around the world. This content is based on the most common mistakes seen in customer after customer. The common threads are amazingly clear and often easy to remediate. This session focuses on providing real-world examples, identifying the risks, and tools and processes to correct these errors. Without these fixes, you could face service disruptions, security compromises, and integrity issues in your authentication systems.



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    Well organized presentation with information and solutions to real-world gotcha's within Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services Public Key Infrastructure deployments.

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