Network Infrastructure Services in the Next Release of Windows Server for Datacenter Network Operations

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This session focuses on the advances made in the network infrastructure management services in the next version of Windows Server, to operate cloud datacenter networks. The session will have details about the capabilities like (1) having the network insight of the cloud data center infrastructure (network, compute and storage) and deducing a network topology and it’s interconnection; (2) validation of the discovered network topology against the desired/goal network topology for the appropriateness of physical network configuration/wiring; (3) automated configuration of cloud data center infrastructure including network devices like ToRs and aggregate switches via standard based management platform that supports desired state configuration; (4) auditing and tracking the network health and its impact due to loss, latency and availability of the physical network of the cloud datacenter with the help of active probes placed across the fault-domains of the network. The cloud data center operations is consolidated with several improvements made in the IP Address Management (IPAM) feature like IP addressing lifecycle management and the integrated management of core network services like DNS and DHCP, powered with granular role-based access control across multiple datacenters.
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For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:

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