Patterns & Practices for Implementing Complex Line-of-Business Apps with Windows 8.1, WinRT, and Modern UI

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Building complex and comprehensive line-of-business apps with WinRT and Modern UI gets more and more relevant. In this session we dig into architecting and implementing such applications. Learn how to apply frameworks such as Microsoft Patterns & Practices Prism and Unity for building modular applications even in the world of Modern Apps and WinRT. Learn about the benefits such an architecture has and how it enables large and regionally distributed development teams to work together effectively. Learn about patterns and paradigms such as IoC, MVVM/MVVMC and see them applied in action based on a real-world practical example we’ve been working on with a global partner. We also dig into several options for getting true application insights such as issues/bugs, usage patterns, etc. after your application has been deployed to hundreds of devices. Finally, see how adopting some of these patterns truly enables productive designer/developer collaboration.



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