In-Depth Introduction to Service Management Automation

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You may have noticed that System Center Orchestrator 2012 R2 has a new partner in automation, Service Management Automation. What exactly is Service Management Automation (SMA) and how does it align with current automaton and private cloud strategies? What are the capabilities of SMA and why should you care? What is the role of PowerShell workflow in SMA? Finally how is SMA configured, how is it used, what are the technical details needed to begin effectively using SMA? In this session, we answer these questions. We take an in-depth look at SMA, exploring capability, configuration, and also demonstrating some cool automation examples with full technical breakdown. The session starts with a discussion around the role of SMA in the modern datacenter exploring use cases, integration opportunities, and also taking a look at potential future opportunities for SMA. We then detail the prerequisites and configuration steps required to use SMA. Finally, several practical example automations are detailed, demonstrated, and discussed in depth. This session is not only a great all-up introduction to Service Management Automation and the future of data center automation, but a great primer on using PowerShell workflow.



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