How to Develop a Successful Hybrid Cloud Strategy

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We have talked to hundreds of IT professionals in the top enterprise IT organizations in the world who are either deploying or in the planning phase to build a private, public, or hybrid cloud. In this session, we share what was learned, including the common requirements, roles, and processes to be successful in the planning and deployment of a comprehensive hybrid cloud strategy. We discuss the problems and roadblocks an IT organization faces on their journey to provide an efficient, automated, elastic, and self-service set of business-relevant services. Finally, we explain at the conceptual level the strategy of using the Microsoft offerings of Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, and Microsoft Azure to build a private and/or hybrid cloud.



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    Eduardo rocks! Every session has truth and depth you rarely find from Microsoft employee... I suggest that all other presenters from Microsoft should watch Eduardo and David Chappel. Listen and learn people!!!!

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