Building Customer Facing Mobile Apps with Microsoft Azure

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For today’s businesses, having a webpage and social media account is no longer sufficient to provide high-quality engagement and service for their customers. Businesses need to target the screen that most people keep in their pocket at all times via rich and powerful mobile apps. Come learn how to build compelling mobile experiences for customers, featuring the power of Azure and capabilities such as data storage and offline data sync, authentication with social providers, scalable segmented push notifications, email/SMS outreach, and deep analytics. In this talk, we dive deeply into Azure Mobile Services, Azure Notification Hubs, and other cloud technologies, using our familiar Web API stack and Visual Studio. We work through some detailed code examples and technical demos, and also discuss Azure product plans and roadmap.



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Hall 8.0 Room E9



The Discussion

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    Thanks to everyone who attended! Here are the links to my demos:

    1. Getting started - just try the quickstart project in the Azure portal
    2. Offline - based on the sample attached to this tutorial
    3. Auth - download sample here
    4. New Relic - just provision from the Azure store and instrument your own app with the NuGet packages shown in the demo.

    Glad to answer any questions!

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