Deep Dive into Dependency Injection and Writing Testable Software

Play Deep Dive into Dependency Injection and Writing Testable Software
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You may think you have a decent understanding of what Dependency Injection (DI) is, but the truth is that to really write testable software you need to stop any hard class instantiation anywhere in your applications. We’re talking about a full embracement and understanding of dealing with abstractions and lifetime management. There are also details you need to understand about how DI Containers work and what makes one differ from the other. In this session, we jump right into DI usage on various platforms. We show you how to use it in a web, desktop, and even back-end service and data-access environment. We bring other patterns, like Abstract Factory, into play to solve other types of problem in conjunction with Dependency Injection. In the end, a combination of technique and product will ensure that your applications remain testable and extensible every step of the way.



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The Discussion

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    missing a download link for the samples/demo ?...

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    Jeff Leo

    I wish the speaker (and Microsoft) did a better job when setting the level of the talk.

    How come this is a level 300 talk, if the speaker is showing very basic DI stuff? I'm sure the talk is super valuable for people who don't currently use DI but for anyone who ever used any container, this talk doesn't add anything.

    I've just wasted 1 hour and 22 minutes that I won't get back.

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    Really a deep drive.

    Here is the sample code.

    Sample Code

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    related Sample Code path

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