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Visual Studio is an excellent development environment for Microsoft .NET-based Windows and web projects. It includes powerful editors for HTML, CSS and JavaScript that can easily be used to edit standalone files without a project. All of this power is also available for extensions, making it simple to extend the editors with powerful new features to suit your needs. Web Essentials is a collection of web-related enhancements to Visual Studio. It includes lots of new IntelliSense completions, new Browser Link features, automatic JSHint for JavaScript files, new warnings for HTML and CSS, and many other features that are essential to modern web development. In this lab, learn how to use some of these advanced editor features to take advantage of HTML5 code snippets, Zen coding, the CSS color picker and Browser matrix tooltip, JavaScript features like Extract to File and IntelliSense for all HTML elements. Also, learn how to exchange data between your browser and Visual Studio using Browser Link.

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