User Experience in Virtual Desktop Environments: When Is It "Good Enough"?

Play User Experience in Virtual Desktop Environments: When Is It "Good Enough"?
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When planning to deploy Windows desktops and applications in modern cloud and mobility environments, acceptable user experience is an important success factor. Unfortunately, traditional benchmarking parameters—such as frame rates and system performance counters—do not entirely represent the perceived user experience on a remote client. Aspects like client capabilities, media redirection, changing network conditions, compression artifacts, media asynchrony or UI response time delays introduce significant new challenges. In his session you will learn about benchmarking remote user session and virtual desktop performance. You are introduced to a working set of acceptance criteria and test methodology best practices he derived from real customer projects and by evaluating dozens of reference environments in his test lab. Examples from an archive of several thousand videos with recorded test sessions collected over the last years show you the difference between good and bad user experience in VDI and cloud environments. In this session, get expert guidance on how to build your own remote UX test lab and what your test criteria should be.



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