Optimizing Your Datacenter with Windows Server, System Center, and Microsoft Azure

Play Optimizing Your Datacenter with Windows Server, System Center, and Microsoft Azure
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With all of the talk in the industry about the cloud, it can be difficult to determine what is hype and what is real. It can be even harder to develop a roadmap for your datacenter that takes advantage of new cloud-based technologies while meeting your unique business requirements. With the right plan for your datacenter, you can reduce costs and complexity while delivering even more value and responsiveness to the business. With Microsoft, you can bring cloud technologies on-premises or take advantage of cloud services—or a hybrid strategy featuring both—depending on the needs of your business. In this foundational session, learn about technologies that will help you cloud-optimize your datacenter. The topics for this session span Windows Server, System Center, and Microsoft Azure in datacenter and server-based scenarios. Technologies covered include virtualization, software-defined networking, software-defined storage, monitoring and management, and a few surprises as well. Come connect with Microsoft technologists and learn how you can bring cloud designs into your datacenter inspired by the Microsoft experience in building and managing global-scale online services!



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The Discussion

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    Bob Smithe

    Will the PowerPoint slides be available as well? Thanks for the videos!

  • User profile image
    José Ángel

    @Bob Smithe: They are already available -> Slides

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    Dennis de Jager

    Hi Guys,

    The movies that was playing before the session started, is it available somewhere? I think it is an awesome video, to illustrate what automation means.

    The only thing you hear from it is the Pom-pom-pom mumbling during the Windows logo...

    Thx in advance!


  • User profile image
    Dennis de Jager

    Never mind, I just downloaded the 81 MB powerpoint and the video is in it.


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