Everything You Need to Know about SMTP Transport for Office 365

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This session covers how you can ensure your migration to Microsoft Office 365 will be successful with regards to keeping mail flow working and not seeing any non-deliverable messages! We look at real-world scenarios for hybrid and staged migrations so that we can consider the impact of mail flow at all stages of the project. We look at testing mail flow, SMTP to multiple endpoints, solving firewalling issues, and how email addressing and distribution group delivery is done in Office 365 so that we always know where a user is and what is going to happen when they are migrated. Compliance and hygiene issues are covered with regards to potentially journaling from multiple places and the impact of having anti-spam filtering in Office 365 that might not be your mail flow entry point. We consider the best practices for changing SMTP endpoints and when is a good time to change over from on-premises-first to cloud-first delivery, and if you need to maintain on-premises delivery how you should go about that process. Finally, we cover troubleshooting the process should it go wrong or how to see what is actually happening during your test phase when you are trying out different options to see which works for your company and your requirements. We demonstrate how to set up some of the concepts covered here.




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