Project Virtual Reality Check: Microsoft App-V 5.0 Performance, Tuning, and Optimization

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Organizations are adopting Application Virtualization with App-V 5.0 for the positive impact or for lifecycle management. The end result from a user and administrator perspective is that the performance of App-V applications should be the same, if not better. This assumption of performance being similar to traditional applications and better than previous versions of App-V requires a closer look. Some important questions must be answered: Is the performance better? What if the performance is significantly lower? Can your environment handle the user load? To answer these questions about App-V 5.0, we put it to the test! This session shares the unique results of extensive testing, across various scenarios, and provide a comparison of App-V 5.0, previous versions of App-V, traditionally installed applications. We’re not talking about ‘perceived’ performance here, but factual and reproducible data, figures and graphs that will help you identify the performance impact of a migration to this technology or this version. Moreover, we show you effective and ineffective tuning and optimization tweaks that will improve the performance of your environment immediately! If you are interested in this Virtual Reality Check, join us in this high intensity and information rich session.



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