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Whether you call them "Metro apps," "Windows 8 Design-Style apps," "RT apps," or "modern apps," the new class of apps for Windows 8 and later tablets are not only here to stay, they also offer some interesting advantages and challenges for IT pros. Much has been written about modern apps, but 99% of that was written with developers in mind. That makes a certain amount of sense, as no one's going to ask us IT pros to support software that hasn't yet been written, but given that the Windows Store added its 100,000th modern app back in July 2013, it's reasonable to assert that the time has come for IT pros to know out more about the members of the six-figure army. How do they work? How are they structured? ARE they more secure? Where are they stored? What options do you have to deploy them? What about "sideloading," the method to roll out home-grown line-of-business apps? Join veteran Windows techie in an informative, entertaining and real-world look at the latest crop of Windows apps!



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